Known for breaking boundaries Liveschool Alumni, Korky Buchek are back at it with new EP release ‘Outer Space’.

Their most recent single Keepin on has been getting some serious heat with Spotify adding to their ‘New Dance Beats’playlist. It’s got that classic early rave vocal sample and plenty of intense synth. 

The guys from Korky Buchek told us a little more about their energy filled first release ‘Pull Your Pants Up’. The message behind the song is Peter and Tom (Korky Buchek) are aliens from outer space.

“We crash onto a future version of earth where humans have become more like robots and less human. As the track evolves we realise we have been put here for a reason and that is to make people more human again. To Korkify them.”

The duo continued;

“with our music we want people to feel a sense of freedom and liberation. To fully let go and become the animal that is inside everyone.”