Adelaide based producer and Liveschool alumni Lusyv (pronounced ‘Elusive’) has hit us with a gem called ‘Bleu’ that continues on from where he started back in 2018 when he released ‘Channels’.

Taking influence from the future pop world, Lusyv has crafted a track that combines vocal cuts that he’s chopped to create a house-y hook that sticks in your head alongside a fun and uptempo melody.

Lusyv’s music so far has enjoyed great feedback from Triple J presenters on Unearthed receiving accolades including 4/5 reviews by the likes of Dave Ruby Howe and Celline Narinli. It’s exciting to see Lusyv’s production career progress so solidly.

On the origins of the track, and how a good idea will stay with you:

I’ve actually been holding onto this melody for a while and finally found a track to use it in. I think the fact that you can come back to a track or melody some time after you’ve made it and still enjoy it just as much as when you first heard it says a lot.

Sometimes I can make a track but after a couple of months I just won’t vibe it anymore. I think it’s good practice to make sure your music can withstand the test of time, but it’s hard as a producer when you’re caught in the hype of making a track and just want to release it. I guess the take away is to take a break from it, come back a few days or a week later and see if you still feel the same way about the track you’ve made.

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