Producer and Songwriter, Jessica Nitties has been on a roll lately. As a self-produced artist her project Sparrows has been added to high rotation on Triple J for the single Over & Out.

While currently completely focused on Sparrows, her work as a writer for others is also making waves – just one example, her co-write “Warpaint” for NIKI has passed 5 million streams on Spotify.

On the starting point for a song:

“A few years ago I spent the night at my Mum’s. The next morning she told me we better go put our warpaint on and get ready for work. As I put my warpaint (make-up) on, I thought what a concept! I went home and wrote this first verse and how love is nothing but a cowboy, shooting up one life at a time. Years later I find myself in a room at an APRA AMCOS song hub with an amazing writer and producer, co-writing the final product ‘Warpaint’. Here it is, performed by NIKI – dreams come true if you’re a warrior and put your warpaint on!”