Swaine Delgado has a knack for creating blissful bits of electronic goodness with his latest ‘Fading’, another addition to his steadily growing discography.

The Liveschool alumni recently returned home from Sydney to Perth but was unable to settle so quickly with constantly changing studio spaces, so in turn used this to his advantage in creating some urgency to finish the track telling Liveschool;

“I was moving around a lot with studio space when I got back to Perth, so finishing the song took some time. I remember heading to the studio one night and telling myself, whatever the track sounds like at the end of tonight, that’s it finished. Sometimes I find thats the best way to finish songs.”

That worked out well for him, with Spotify adding him to their ‘All New Indie’ playlist which earned the song some 70,000 streams on Spotify on release day!

The track features beautifully strummed guitar and chopped vocals all looped masterfully with his softly spoken words.

We hope Swaine gets settled soon and keeps putting his skills to good use in creating beautiful cuts of indie pop music.

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‘Fading’ is the first new single since his ‘Run Boy Run’ EP