Swaine Delgado. Now here’s a graduate we always knew was going to impress. His motivation and dedication was already evident in the fact that he moved from Perth, Western Australia to study with us.

And not once did he disappoint: at every single submission deadline he delivered quality goods, always on time, and each time with tasteful new developments, displaying an ever-growing creative and technical prowess.

Take a listen to his debut EP and you’ll see what we mean:


In Swaine’s own words –

“I wrote most of this EP in my time in Sydney after leaving an unfulfilling job and lifestyle in Perth and pursuing music full time. After graduating Liveschool and really grasping Ableton and production I was pretty much teaching myself how to play guitar, keyboard and to sing whilst writing the EP.

After A LOT of trial and error I finally finished a project I was happy with. Run boy, run.”


Run Boy, Run is his first outing since graduating – and with a debut as strong as this, you know to hit that Follow button on Spotify.