For fans, or any of our students who were trained by BRUX – you’ll be interested to know 3 bits of info:

  1. BRUX relocated from Sydney and is now based in New York
  2. BRUX teamed up with Kimbra (yes that Kimbra) for vocals on the latest single “Take”
  3. BRUX is giving you the stems and vocals for “Take ft. Kimbra” so you can remix it and win an $Audio prize.

Stems and Competition Info:

Download the Remix stems from BRUX’s Audius page

  • The competition is open now, and the deadline for entering your remix is December 2nd.
  • The competition rules are all outlined on the page.
  • BRUX will pick one winner and they win $AUDIO800 tokens (cryptocurrency) which is equal to about $1500USD at the moment


About the Audius music platform and $AUDIO

If you’ve never heard of the Audius platform, you should definitely take a look.

Here’s some key facts:

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open
  • Audius is an artist-controlled and community-owned music streaming platform
  • It looks and functions like a regular website, or streaming site – kinda similar to Soundcloud, but is actually a decentralised blockchain network with social media features – giving users the power to not only own their masters, but also their data and won the actual platform. In short, no person or company owns Audius. The users do.
  • Audius is owned and run by an open-source community of artists, fans, and developers, and has its own crypto token, AUDIO.
  • Audius was chosen by TikTok as their first music partner, allowing for proper licensing of shared music content on the TikTok platform.



Over the years loads of our Liveschool family have gained recognition from entering competitions. People like Ninajirachi, Donatachi and Montaigne have all had great results in prestigious comps from Triple J’s Unearthed High all the way to Eurovision. Entering a competition can put you in the running for everything from big cash prizes to production gear to festival slots.

There are so many benefits to entering a competition and its not all about the big prize. Sure it’s nice to win big, but like many things in life, entering a competition is more about the journey than the destination. Even if you don’t feel 100% ready to put your tracks out there to the public, getting involved in a competition can be a great learning experience.

A look behind the curtain
A very common format for competitions is the Remix Competition. One of the best things about this format is that you can have a chance to see how a big name producer makes their tracks. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn analysing a project file or stems from a seasoned producer.

Working under pressure
Having a hard deadline can be great for your motivation. Often find yourself tweaking that snare sound for days on end? With a deadline around the corner you need to move fast. Committing to a decision and moving on is a great recipe for getting tracks finished.

Community connection
Sites like Metapop make it possible for you to view and comment on other people’s entries. Hear something you like? Reach out and leave a comment. Building relationships with other producers online is a massive part of building a strong career.

And while we did say it’s not ALL about winning – it turns out we have a few winners in our midst! Some of our Liveschool fam have been given a serious boost at the start of their careers through success in competitions.

  • Steve Robinson took out the Beatport Producer Challenge, snagging himself thousands of dollars worth of prizes, plus a big push across Beatport’s massive social platforms.
  • The Nights won a Rufus Du Sol remix competition through Unearthed and are now signed to Ultra Music
  • Matthew Panopolous took out top prize in a jingle writing competiton for Pizza Hut, winning $10,000 which has enabled him to quit his day-job and setup his own music business.
  • Hellogrimbo got to remix one of her heroes, Kučka, while still studying at Liveschool – and her entry was handpicked by Kučka for 3rd prize!
  • Gabriel Espinosa, one of our favourite rising graduates took out the Your Shot DJ competition which put him on the radar as one to watch – he’s since released his excellent debut EP.
  • Luunes won the Unearthed competition to play This That festival alongside some of Australia’s biggest names including Alison Wonderland, Winston Surfshirt and The Presets.

If all this talk of competitions has got you ready to break out the drum rack then you’re in luck! There are two great comps running right now that you can get involved with:

Things like this are going on all around you, so keep your eyes peeled on social media and your favourite music platforms for the next competition – you might be surprised at what you get out of it!