It’s been a hot minute since Sparrows shared ‘Over & Out’, her acclaimed self-produced debut single that recently cracked a million streams, earned her daily plays on Triple J for months and an Australian support tour with the one and only Kira Puru!

Sparrows is a Liveschool alumni who completed the ‘Remix and Destroy‘ course, has kicked off 2019 journey with a much anticipated follow up single, ‘Do U Wanna Dance?’. The song tells the tale of an all too familiar party-drunk, hook-up opportunity with that crush you’ve had your eye on. It bubbles with pop sensibilities, drum loops and her unique crooning voice setting the scene and vibe as the story unfolds in the song.

There is a serious side to the bop with Sparrows, aka Jess Nitties who previously shared some tips on overcoming writers block explaining further;

“On the surface this song is about wanting the attention of someone at a party but dig a little deeper and this song explores social anxiety. I know so many people, myself included, who struggle with social phobia and this song explores the notion of breaking through, owning your space and getting out of your comfort zone and being ok with it”.

So there you have it, a perfect example of how music is a perfect vessel to share those feels!