After spending the time sharpening your skills in production, arrangement and mixing the next step is one that can make all those hours worth it – getting your music out there. But with so many options available it can be hard to know where to start.

Liveschool alum Steve Robinson took the road less travelled when he entered his track “Anywhere” in the Beatport Producer Challenge. The competition attracted 4000+ entries which were culled down to just 50, with “Anywhere” taking out a place in the Deep House winners list.

One listen to the track and its not surprising to see it rise to the top. With organ stabs to rival the 90’s finest, warm production and a bass line purpose made for the dance floor, “Anywhere” will find a home in even the most discerning selectors collection.

Entering a competition can be a victory in itself, a looming deadline setting a defined end point to your production and forcing you to make the hard decisions quickly. But taking home a top spot like Steve has more tangible benefits. The winners of the Producer Challenge take home a load of swag from companies like Loopcloud, Beatport, LANDR and others – but perhaps the most valuable part is a push from Beatport’s marketing machine. Exposure on that scale is hard to come by and if your goal is to get your music heard by as many people as possible, thats a huge win.

It pays to keep your ear to the ground and find innovative ways to get your sound out there!