Nashville based producer Gold Mustard (aka Andre Kelly) has hit a hot streak after getting involved with our Intensive Music Production Course. A quick look at his instagram will give you a glimpse of some of the material he’s sitting on. After following the success of our Alumni, he made the trip to Australia to complete the Liveschool Intensive module, an 8 week full time version of our Produce Music course.

Blocking out eight weeks of your life to focus on music making is a big call, but Andre used every minute of his time at Liveschool to his advantage. Kelly jumped straight into the deep end, focusing on collaboration with his Liveschool peers.

“Getting to collaborate with others was one of my favorite parts of the class. Of the 8 tracks I made during the 6 week course, 2 of those were collaborations and I’ve continued to collaborate with people from the class since it ended. I’m not the most talented lyricist or vocalist, so I knew I wanted to collaborate with a strong vocalist (enter Ella Seabrook) so I told Ella if she had a song she might want to collaborate on to send it to me and I’d try to build a track around it. That night she sent me a voice memo of her singing and playing guitar and I stayed up late building a track and the next day we tracked vocals in class. We hope to release that song in the next couple months.” 

Eight tracks in just eight weeks is an incredible number by anyone’s standards. But its not just about the output, the real satisfaction is in the journey – developing new skills and growing as an artist. Something Andre was eager to stress when we caught up with him again when he got back to Nashville.

“After the course I feel like my confidence in my ability to create and finish a track that I am proud of has grown considerably. I was exposed to a lot of different types of music and that has helped to expand my creativity a ton. I am also much more confident in experimenting “intelligently” with my music – I guess what I mean by that is I’m not just twisting knobs and throwing random plug-ins on tracks and praying it sounds good, I can hear the sound I want in my head and am now equipped with the knowledge to achieve it in more than one way.”