Already an established DJ, Silly Lily took the stage at our Groovepool party alongside Ninajirachi and Setwun. Now she is transitioning into producing, building her skills to take the next step from DJ to artist

With the year ahead devloping and refining your skills, what are you finding most important to focus on while producing?
This year I am going to be more disciplined with my goals and time management. One of the greatest lessons I learned from Liveschool was how to set goals and create mini tasks that can be done on a daily basis. I think the best thing I can do for myself moving forward is to have a clear intention on what I wish to get done and to make sure I am allocating a reasonable amount of time towards those goals each day.


How have challenges from DJing improved your confidence as a producer?

Transitioning from DJing to Music Production has a lot of parallel skills, such as mixing, arranging, rhythm. Stage fright has certainly been a challenge for me and performing was something I didn’t think I would be able to do. DJing has certainly given me the push to get up in front of people and share music. One of the main things that I learnt to calm my nerves was to make sure that I am well prepared. If the work is done before the gig, then when the time comes to play you can just have fun.

As a tastemaking DJ all about building a groove, who have been your favourite inspirations / sets coming into producing?
I have seen many inspiring artists over the last few years – some of my favourite sets have been, Nile Rodgers and Chic, Miss Lauren Hill, Nas, The Wailers, Tash Sultana, Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Vanns and THE BUOYS. Live bands, Australian Surf Rock and Blues will always have my heart but in the recent year I have been listening to a lot of electronic music too. After a trip to the Netherlands Awakenings Festival, I was absolutely in awe of artists such as Nina Kraviz, Vladimir Dubyshkin and Rossi. As well as DJing, I have been writing song lyrics occasionally and I have a few ideas of how I would like these songs to sound. It is a goal of mine to finalise these lyrics and bring these songs to life this year.
How has the transition from spinning records to making music been?
Making music has been so much fun! Class has a great balance of learning and applying so we always leave the session with a funky beat to go back to. My favourite teachings so far have been sound design, it is an area that I think I will be working on first. Sounds can be incredibly inspiring and If I have a selection of a few that I am happy with I think it will make the writing process flow nicely. With a background in DJing I am exposing myself to new music quite often. I feel like this allows me to be open to surprises in music and hopefully will stop me from falling into creating the same patterns of songs that I have already heard multiple times. I am very excited to explore different genres of production and see what kind of music works best for me.

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