From a background playing keys in the band Salted Ham and selling out venues like Metro Social, Riley is now diving into production to take shows to the next level and develop his own music.

What has the experience of transitioning from writing in a band to electronic production been like?

Learning the software is definitely a challenge. So is trying to translate ideas into actual songs. Figuring out which different layers are required to make a track come alive is equally the most painful and exciting part about production. I love listening to music and it’s great that this can now become a source of inspiration for the things that I create.


What’s been your biggest discovery in production so far?

To be honest it would probably be discovering what actually separates each genre. What makes certain songs groove or pop ultimately comes from choices made by producers that I can replicate if I listen closely enough. While there are plenty of advanced techniques, the great thing about music is that artists can’t really hide elements of their song – if you can hear it you can replicate it and use it in your own tracks.

In your musical journey moving forward, what do you feel is the most important process for your progression?

I know for a fact that the only thing holding me back from creating great music is good old fashioned time at the wheel. Liveschool has given me everything I could have wanted to start the journey of creating with structure and I can’t wait to be making tracks that I’m proud to share with the world.


Check out Riley’s band Salted Ham

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