To celebrate the launch of the Ableton Live 9 Ableton Certified Training, Anthony Garvin (Studios 301) captured the sound of the multi-million dollar acoustically designed Orchestral Room at Studios 301 with these free impulse responses.

These simple Wav files can be played as normal sounds, but with Live 9 Suite you can drop them in to the Convolution Reverb (found in the Max For Live folder) and use this as a tweakable reverb in any of your own productions. You can even drop both Left + Right samples together to get the full 301 stereo experience. Download here.

We also recently took the world record breaking recording of the world’s longest natural reverb and made it useable in Ableton’s Convolution reverb, learn more and download the device here.

Still wondering what exactly a convolution reverb even is? Watch this video to get a better understanding of how Ableton Live’s convolution reverb works and how it can help bring your sounds and mixes into real-world spaces.

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