Shoutout to Happy Mag for curating artists to make free samples for their Sydney Sounds series  – and many are from the Liveschool fam! The series sees artists hitting the streets and turning the sounds of their local area into sample packs which you can download for free from their website.

These days you can find samples of just about anything, from the latest Big Room Trance Kicks pack to the most niche modular synth bleeps and bloops – but in a world awash with so much possibility, how do you make your music sound unique and specific?

For some the answer is creating your own samples – begin infusing your tunes with unique sounds only you have access to. Turn that squeaky gate into a synth, turn the neighbours recycling bin into a kick drum… the possibilities for creating unique sounds are endless.


Our man Setwun is a master of organic vibes, whether its synths, drums or textures, he nails it every time. Take a peek into his process with this most recent video from Happy Mag and see Josh creating some of those organic percussion sounds you might hear in a typical Setwun tune.

Download the Ableton Sample pack from Setwun here

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Made In Paris

Liveschool trainer Made In Paris hits her local gym to record some dark industrial sounds perfect for her brand of underground electronic dance music.

Download the Ableton Sample pack from Made In Paris here.



Our very own bass music trainer Moss made this pack on the streets of Newtown. Moving down from Brisbane, he immediately went into lockdown and sampled what he knew. His experience of Sydney had been reduced to a microcosm of the city; his home, his street, and the suburb of Newtown.

Download the Ableton Sample pack from Moss here.



One of Australia’s biggest pop artists also happens to be a Liveschool graduate and keen skater – check out Montaigne sampling the sounds of the skate park for some grinding metal and concrete sounds perfect for a hyperpop production.

Download the Ableton sample pack from Montaigne here.



Liveschool graduate Mookhi takes us to the legendary Reverse Garbage in the suburbs of Sydney to sample the wild range of recycled ephemera you can find there.

Download the Ableton sample pack from Mookhi here.


Want more?

Those are just a few of the featured artists and packs.
Head over to Happy Mag or the Ableton blog and collect them all!