When Touch Sensitive announced his new record The 36th Level on Instagram he alluded to a collaboration with an “unnamed EDM superstar”. The EP, his first release since Unconditional earlier in 2019, the new material is a result of sessions jamming at the Future Classic studios in Los Angeles.

On tracks like Perfume, he swaps his trademark hi-fi sheen for an authentic sounding take on the Boogie / Funk sound that has informed much of his previous work. But the real standout track on the record is Before U Met My Body. Featuring a digital glow and a bridge full of sound design that sounds like the result of processing through modular grain sampling equipment, we can only guess that this might be the result of a collaboration with fellow Liveschool family member Flume.

A quick check of the credits on the track confirms this as the case – with Harley Streten listed as a co-writer. While its hard to say who did what on the tune, its clear that its a case of both Touch Sensitive and Flume at the peak of their powers, complementing each others production and ear for melody perfectly. Lop sided hats, buzzing bass and a euphoric lead sound all combine to create some of the best Touch Sensitive material in a long time.