One of the central principles of mixing dance music is making sure that the rhythmic and harmonic elements of the track are locking in. Tuning drums to the key of your project can tighten up a mix dramatically, and help the entire arrangement work together to create a solid groove.

In this excerpt from our INPUT event, Liveschool trainer Yama Indra (aka GLOVES) dives deep into his techniques for tuning drums in Ableton Live. Yama runs us through which drums to tune, what notes to tune them to, and then four different methods to easily tune drums within Ableton Live:


Recap: Yama’s 4 methods for tuning drums in Ableton Live

1. Using your ears (watch the video for a few tips to make this easier)

2. Using a frequency analyser (such as Ableton Live’s Spectrum).

3. Using Convert Melody to MIDI

4. Using Mixed in Key software to label and tune your sample library

Winter 2020 Intensive | Produce Music | Ableton Live

More tips and tricks

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Post Last Updated 2/5/2017