This video is another in our series from behind the closed doors of our regular community production sessions – where Liveschool’s staff (both our trainers and non-trainers) and local artists share, discuss and teach each other their latest music production tips and tricks in Ableton Live.

In this video excerpt, Liveschool’s web developer Vaughan Allan takes us through a whole stack of new tricks and applications with the new Ableton Live 9.5 Simpler and Filter devices. You may recall Vaughan is also something of a wizard with Max for Live, having created a swag of useful devices such as this on-screen keyboard.

Watch him develop a whole track from two simple melodic elements, along the way thickening elements using the drive parameter in the new filter designs, easily creating harmonies for a melody using the new Simpler, and plenty more useful techniques with the revised Filter and Simpler devices in Ableton Live 9.5



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In case you missed it – head over to & download the free Ableton Live 9.5 update now. Push 2 has also been released and is available for sale here.

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