The only thing we love more than a Liveschool student release is two Liveschool students coming together for a collaboration! Esther Rose and Warm Ride are two of our extremely talented graduates and we are so stoked to see them teaming up for their new release “Memory”.

Earlier this year Warm Ride released his debut single “Shirley” which caught the attention of Triple J resulting in prime time airplay and glowing reviews on Unearthed . Esther Rose is a vocalist and producer who has been releasing incredible music under her own name as well as her band Day Spa.

The pair met at one of our collaboration sessions at Liveschool – one where we team students and graduates in creative groups to start, develop and finish tracks in a day. We caught up with Esther to find out exactly how their partnership developed from here:

“We got along instantly, worked well together and enjoyed making tunes that day! We stayed in touch after the event; often sharing songs we were working on and providing one another with some well enjoyed positive/critical feedback.”


Through this process of sharing projects and feedback their connection escalated, eventually leading to the collaboration:

“We met up at a studio in Sydney and we listened together to his tracks that he was working on. One in particular hit me in that particular way and it was just pretty effortless thereafter. We jammed out on that track and thought of the chorus melody that day. Then I went home, fleshed out the lyrics and story, the verse melody, recorded in my home/bedroom / under a blanket studio and sent the stems over to Jake. From there, Jake continued to be a total wizard and he continued to build on the production and mixed the entire track. “

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open


The resulting track “Memory” is a cruising lo-fi pop number, with Esther’s vocals gliding over the top of Warm Ride’s nostalgic piano tones and droning bass. Memory is a proof of everything we love about collaboration, with two artists coming together at the right time and the right place to create work that neither of them could have created on their own.