With so many amazing artists and producers dropping by Liveschool every second day, we decided it was time to start a series of impromptu live performance sessions with them here at the school.

Perth based producer Katie Campbell (aka Catlips) – one of the most exciting emerging artists from Australia’s most remote capital city – dropped in to perform “Fade” for us at the Liveschool pool. “Fade” is the first single from her first EP “Casual” which has just been released on Pilerats records – buy the full EP here.

Check out her poolside performance in the video below, then scroll down to get up-to-speed on Catlips with in an interview with Ableton’s Adam Maggs.

So who are you and what is Catlips?

I’m Katie Campbell, a producer from Perth, WA and Catlips is my solo electronic project I started a few years ago.

You’re new EP is out now on Pilerats records, tell us about the process of making the EP.

“Casual” was all recorded, produced and mixed at my home studio and is basically a collection of tracks made over the last 8 months or so. It’s a combination of digital and analogue tones, as well as live recordings of vocals and percussion, samples and field recordings. My aim was to explore the blur of genres and take elements from styles I like listening to whilst keeping it grounded in dance music.

How do visuals factor into your music and live shows? And what’s the creative and technical process around the visuals?

I try to include live visuals in all my performances which I build using MaxForLive to interact with my Ableton sessions. The creative process comes from listening to the music and trying to connect that with what represents it visually for me, this means colours, textures and shapes, as well as considering a mixture of still images and video footage.

How did you connect with Pilerats and what’s the plan for the EP launch?

I have known the Pilerats label boss Dan for a few years from when he was running his early parties with I.C.S.S.C, and he has always been really supportive of my music. The EP launch is a ridiculous pool party on the 20th March at the Ascott Quay Apartments with help from Get Weird, with tonnes of incredible local djs. Think pool toys, champagne, an underwater Tiny Club and loads of dancing.

Perth seems to punch above its weight in terms of producing great acts – why do you think that is, and what’s the scene or industry like there?

I think the incredible standard of Perth Producers and DJs comes down to a healthy, supportive electronic music scene which keeps on growing. There are so many enthusiastic people who just want to dance to good music each week, and the amount of great musicians who are brought over here keeps everyone feeling inspired and motivated.

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