In this video interview, Swedish duo Genius of Time take us through their hardware based live setup as well as revealing some of their studio and live performance workflows.

In just over 5 years, Swedish duo Genius of Time have perfected their own brand of hardware-driven house music. Alongside a handful of releases on Running Back, Royal Oak and their own imprint Aniara Recordings, they’ve also become a sought after booking thanks to their impressive live show.

The duo made their second trip to Australia earlier in the year, with the tour beginning in Sydney at the Spice Cellar courtesy of Picnic Touring & Events. Liveschool’s Thomas McAlister (Alba) caught up with Alex and Nils during their soundcheck earlier in the day.

The performance on the night lived up to their impressive reputation. With the right balance of technical complexity and pure musicianship the set is an hour of dynamic and intricate live house music. For a real-time composition the show maintains a fluid flow and solid mix for the dance-floor, with just the right amount of risk and an analog-induced human touch that keeps you from forgetting this is a live performance.

Big thanks to Genius of Time, the Spice Cellar and Picnic touring.

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