Showcasing an array of Liveschool talent in the form of current students, recent alumni and trainers we’ve continued updating our blossoming Spotify playlist.

Recent additions (appearing after 67th track on the list) include Liveschool trainers + course contributors Touch Sensitive, Flume, HED Ardennes & Ninajirachi.

We couldn’t go past what Four Tet claimed as “one of the big tracks of 2019″, LOGIC1000’s ‘DJ Logic Please Forgive Me”.  The dance floor banger was co-produced by Trainer Thomas McAlister and Jarred Beeler who also features on the playlist under DJ Plead.

Also included is Perto, Andy Garvey, Point Claire, Badrapper, LDRU (featuring production by Sam Sakr), Sam Sakr himself and many many more.

We’re completely floored by the quality of all the tracks produced within our community. Some are debut-releases, some from albums that sparked worldwide stadium tours. All reflect the range of genres across our diverse community of music makers.


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