We recently joined forces with Red Bull Music Academy for a series of lectures around the country, featuring Liveschool trainer and musical director Joel Farland as well as bunch of very talented guests, Alice Ivy, Claudio, May Lyn and Elizabeth Rose.

We asked our guests to share one pearl of wisdom from their presentations on songwriting, production, and performance:

May Lyn

Music is all about expressing a feeling or a mood. The things I write about all come from a real place and I find that people remember and appreciate your song more when they can relate or connect with it on an emotional level. Reconnecting people with their feelings is the ultimate purpose of songwriting. 

Photo: James Kilian


Consciously figure out the aspects of the sound you most want to hear – BPM, groove, chord colours, sonic aesthetics – to be able to give yourself loose coordinates in what can otherwise be the agony of infinity.
Notice where you resonate. The words you like the sound of, the experiences that provoke a feeling that demands an outlet. Notice it and note it all like you were collecting insects into a jar. Get into the habit of noticing WHY things move you musically because they probably match up to a part of you that wants to be expressed.

Alice Ivy Liveschool

Photo: Josh Starke

Alice Ivy

The best way to get better at songwriting / production as an artist or producer is to go into the studio with other fellow artists. It’s the ultimate test and the best feeling when you achieve something you didn’t think you were capable of doing. 

Photo: Samuel Costin

 Elizabeth Rose

My one bit of advice from the lecture would be to not be afraid to experiment with hardware as well as software and plugins for both live and studio setups. Strive to be unique & don’t be afraid of learning a new instrument! 

Claudio at red bull lectures

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