Liveschool team member, BRUX, has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with following the release of her captivating debut single, “I’m Back.”

The release is rapidly gaining traction for its dynamic sound, and masterful inclusion of a range of different tones, demanding the listener’s attention.


BRUX’s skilful fusion of wailing sirens, synths, and commanding vocals with a club-style beat generates a hypnotic and mysterious tone, leaving the listener yearning for more. Her unique sound is consistent with her enchanting imagery, in which she embodies feminine power and energy in her appropriation of prominent Tarot Card figure, The Empress.

BRUX has emphasised the importance of confidence and a lack of self-criticism in her recent journey. 

“Since starting BRUX I’ve learnt through experience of just how important it is to get out of your head when you’re creating – don’t overthink, second guess or procrastinate…It’s like meditating but through creating music” 

Any aspiring music producer would be wise to heed BRUX’s advice, as she’s already making serious waves with this first track, and will no doubt continue to do so with future releases.

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