Our Student Support officer Lama Zakharia has just released a fresh tune on a compilation entitled Before The Rain, put out by UK label and artist collective, Umbrela entering the Unearthed charts within a week of release.

The track ‘Out Of Time’ is a collaboration between Lama and UK-based producer 3Four, created while both were on opposite sides of the world.

Drawing from jazz, downtempo and dubstep, it’s a sparse and elegant track from the two artists.

Lama said the key to long-distance collaboration was good communication:

“Ryan would skype me, we’d talk about ideas, structure, references and I found it so easy to work with him as a singer because he knows exactly what he wants… I also make sure to send him loads of stems to work with and he’s a genius in how he incorporates all these elements in the most subtle ways (both rhythmically and melodically).”

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