Before Liveschool, it was just me; a DJ with a burning desire to make a sh*t load of awesome house music! But, due to a whole pile of random internet tutorials, and one introductory course, my knowledge of Ableton was somewhat incomplete and disorderly. At that stage I’d completed some tracks, but that was only thanks to a bunch of awesome plug-ins, presets and a few good sample packs… Don’t we all start there?

I learned so much by completing the Produce Music course at Liveschool; I gained access to all of the features inside Ableton (a lot of which I never knew existed); I learned tools and techniques which helped speed up my workflow and allowed me to become even more creative; and I gained a firm understanding of the fundamentals of creating electronic music. The trainers and support team were awesome, too! They encouraged creative thinking, and they were always on hand to ensure that I never got stuck, or de-motivated due to a few ‘road blocks’, so to speak.

Fast forward 1 year later, and I’m now making music that I’m proud of sharing, thanks in part to what I learned during the Sound Design module. I rarely use presets, but when I do, I use them to inspire me, as most of the time I make of my own sounds from scratch as I understand how to create the sounds I want, rather than guessing and finding random happy moments though trial and error. Anyone who has experienced this will know what I’m talking about! I’m creating my own harmonies and melodies with confidence, rather than guessing, and trusting my instincts on what ‘sounds’ right. Of course, this is a valuable tool that you can use as well, but it can be very time consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing! I’m also completing projects a lot faster, and finding my tracks are sounding much tighter, thanks to the knowledge I’ve gained through the Arrangements & Mixing & Mastering modules.

The icing on the cake happened about a month ago, when I was presented with an opportunity join the Liveschool team, and take over the Student Support role. This role allows me to help others achieve their music goals, whist still giving me plenty of time to focus on my own projects, so it’s a massive win from where I stand.

The Produce Music course contains a truck-load of useful information, tools, processes and creative ideas that can help you reach the next step in your music production and further your career. So if this sounds like you, and if you’re prepared to put in the effort and invest some of your time to study at Liveschool, I have no doubt you’ll find yourself so much closer to your achieving your goals.


Produce Music is our in-depth music production course taught using the universal platform of Ableton Live.

The course is taught part-time over 46 weeks and is a combination of face-to-face class time and at home, self-guided learning

More info on the course available here