Music is all about connection, and that’s what happened when Nadine B and Simon Matz met as classmates at Liveschool.

Studying together in the Produce Music course, they quickly found common ground in their love of deep, tech-driven dancefloor tunes and forged a solid friendship among a tight-knight class group of 10 aspiring producers.

After graduating in March, Nadine and Simon dropped killer debut singles that had everyone talking, but it was clear that they were destined to collaborate.

While their first attempt at producing together took a bit of a detour with Simon booking our Loft Studio and Nadine missing out, it didn’t hold back the inevitable. They soon got together and booked the larger Production Studio and, blending their unique take on dancefloor manipulation – Nadine’s tech edge and Simon’s deep, melodic flow – they crafted something epic: “Artefacts by Nadine B and Simon Matz“.

For Simon, the watershed moment was when Nadine dropped their track to a packed club.


We’ve been bumping this track ever since its release and are that excited for the next tunes from these two.


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