By now you might have heard that June 2016 marks 10 years of Liveschool and that we’ve moved into a world-class studio space in Surry Hills!

That’s our new classroom in the image above, which in it’s past life was a state-of-the-art mixing studio. Beyond the classroom, there’s also a new studio / private tuition room, Ableton’s own office/studio space and a new lounge/kitchen area for break times.

The location is also super convenient being on the corner of Reservoir & Riley Streets in the heart of Surry Hills – just 10 minutes walk from Central station, or 6 minutes stroll from Taylor Square.

We’ll share some more photos of it all really soon, but for now here’s a quick time lapse of  the new classroom space coming together:


A Very Musical History..

The new classroom space actually has an illustrious musical history – it was previously the flagship mixing room for BJB studios, where albums such as The Presets’ “Apocalypso” and 360’s “Falling & Flying” were mixed by producer/engineer Scott Horscroft.

To get the room sounding and looking like it does, Scott & Chris of BJB Studios actually invested around $500,000 in renovations, upon the completion of which Audio Technology described the space as “a unique mixing environment that breaks new ground”. Here’s an excerpt from Audio Technology magazine’s investigative report on the finished space:

Liveschool Produce Music 2022 Applications Open

“There is no sense of this room being a ‘bunker’ or a ‘fortress’ against sound penetrating or escaping the space, and it proves that acoustic principles can be readily applied without causing the space to feel ‘unnatural’ or ‘oppressive’. The philosophy behind the room was to make the acoustic treatments feel incidental and the room inhabitable for long periods of time – these ideas have been confidently realised.”

Needless to say, it’s an incredible sounding room to be working in and a amazing environment for learning the ins and outs of music production!

Here a glimpse of how our classroom looked in it’s previous life as BJB studios’ mixing room:


Our new classroom space in it’s previous life as the flagship mixing room of BJB studios


Come & See for Yourself

If you want to come and check out the new space in person, just call or email us to book in a studio tour – we’re here weekdays and some weekends and would love to show you around.  Bring along any questions, tracks you want to play us, bring a friend, or just come say hi.

Stay tuned for more heaps more photos and video of the new premises once the dust has settled!

Contact us to book in a studio tour of the new space.