This eye-opening presentation might actually have you re-thinking your perspective on live performance altogether…

In this video captured at one of Liveschool’s INPUT events, Daedelus (real name Alfred Darlington) reveals not only the technical setup and creative process behind his heavily improvised live performances – but also shares his thought-provoking philosophy on live performance.

Here’s a taste of the wisdom imparted in this talk:

“Sometimes you might want things to be perfect and to be seamless – which is reasonable – but I think people thrill at the chance that something could go terribly wrong….so sometimes the audio not working is actually the more powerful gesture”

For the unfamiliar – Daedelus is a Californian based artist renowned for his consistent output of genre defying music across the last 15 years on cult labels such as Anticon, Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune, Mush, Emperor Norton and Stones Throw, amongst which there’s been collaborations with other big-name peers like Gaslamp Killer, Om Unit and James Pants.

Click below to watch the full 25 minute presentation we captured on the day, which also includes a short intimate live performance from around the 8:00-15:00 minute mark.


This presentation was filmed at INPUT – a quarterly producer’s conference for up-coming music makers to learn directly from and also engage with, a guest lineup of world renowned music producers and influential players in the music industry.

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