The latest graduates of our Perform Live course took to the stage and presented some seriously mind-blowing live sets.

In this latest intake, the Perform Live course set out to transform student productions into engaging, memorable live experiences. Taught by Fletcher Ehlers of electronic duo SLUMBERJACK, this round certainly did not disappoint! Check out this video below of ilex‘s immersive drumming and a highlight reel at the bottom of how all the performances went down.

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Nikkita Dixon – Nikkita

Australia Pop EDM artist Nikkita is ready to hit people in their feelings with her debut single Looking Up. Toeing the line between pop and EDM, beautiful lyrical story and anthemic banger, Looking Up feels like the song we all need when the difficult edges of aloneness set in. Borrowing from the influences of Flume, Vera Blue and Alison Wonderland, Nikkita wraps her heartfelt words in the heavy undulating synths and thudding beats of future bass. It is chaotic, yet uplifting, countering muted isolation with an air of hopeful defiance. It is a song you can both walk listlessly to and lose yourself dancing to.

Jessica Fitzgibbon – SelfDivision

With her haunting voice and powerful melodies, SelfDivison creates electronica/trip hop that explores themes that interweave the natural world and relationships. Her music has drawn comparisons to influential artists such as Portishead, Massive Attack and Bjork. Jessica is excited to announce the release of her debut EP, ENIGMA, due out in November 2023. This follows two powerful singles in collaboration with Liveschool Trainer and veteran DnB producer Royalston, and has been the world’s first glimpse into the captivating and emotionally charged musical world of SelfDivision.

Michael Spudic – Space Cop 2
 Space Cop 2, the Earth born producer based in outer space, brings you music from the future and also from the past, but never from the present because time is an illusion.

Holly Conner – ilex

ilex is the solo electronic/percussion project of Sydney drummer/percussionist and producer, Holly Conner.

Holly began making music as ilex in 2018, creating live solo sets that combined physical drumming with her own electronic tracks. The disappearance of live gigs due to Covid, became a catalyst for Conner to seek additional directions for ilex, and the project moved into a more introspective and ambient expression of percussion-meets-electronic music.

Elizabeth Kim – Sirenik

With unique sets filled with detailed sound design, fast hypnotic kicks and rumbling basslines, Sirenik is truly paving her way into the heaviest realms of techno. Check out her debut single Blossom Fusion below!

Adam Rothwell – Glorious Tortoise

Adam will graduate from the Produce Music course in November this year – putting the final touches on some seriously great tunes, and you can hear his sounds in the highlight video below!

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