As a part of our Berlin team, Roza Terenzi has her feet on the ground in the worldwide capital of Electronic Music. After relocating from Melbourne, Roza has seen her career continue to progress despite the tumult of the past 12 months. With big support from institutions like Resident Advisor, Dekmantel and NTS, she’s part of the new guard of Underground Dance producers pushing Australians from the periphery of the scene to the forefront.

Her newest release “Stylish Tantrum” is the first on her recently minted label Step Ball Chain. She doubles down on the sounds found across her recent releases, serving up pulsating basslines, 90s references in abundance, alien percussion and driving tempos.

The EP manages to pull off one of the harder feats of electronic music – the mid song tempo change. After the palate cleansing down tempo “Illusions”, Roza dials things back up to peak time energy on closer “Sxc Saloon”. The curve ball comes half way through with the tempo dropping from from 130 range down to a chugging 100 before immediately speeding back up. It takes a confident DJ to make a move like that with a dancefloor on the line and it’s a testament to Roza’s growing confidence in the studio that she throws the tempo change with such authority that it sounds completely seamless.

With her label up and running, we look forward to Roza shaking off the expectations of label owners and diving further into her unique creative world. If this is a preview of things to come, we have high hopes.