Hip Hop production is a diverse game, from classic boom bap, backpack rap and cloud rap to the futuristic sounds of trap and drill – the stylistic variations are vast and many. Here’s a guide to the extended Liveschool family – trainers, students and alumni – who are all bringing their unique skills to the world of Hip Hop production.


Needing no introduction to the Liveschool community, Josh Molony aka Setwun put his time in lockdown to solid use. Pulling in all DIY resources: resampling his old tracks / recording drum parts in the living room – and after 10 days deep in the zone, out comes the superb 12-track beat tape “In Search Of The Butubutu”.


Korky Bucheck

The Korky Bucheck are an artist duo themselves, but they also produce a wide range of other artists. They weave through many genres with ease, but really been hitting it hard in 808 driven hip-hop lately. Like this recent outing for Lil Spacely’s Husky (above) and this heater (below) from regular collaborator Dante Knows; tight production and tongue in cheek vibes being their trademark combo.



Liveschool Open Day 28 Jan 2023

A genre search for Flume lists everything from electropop, trap, hip hop to future bass – in fact Wikipedia’s entry for future bass lists Flume one of the pioneers of the genre. But on all his major releases – the albums and mixtapes – the strongest theme in his work is constant innovating on hip hop forms. Some tracks are purely instrumental, others are collaborations with prominent hip hop artists and rappers. Flume’s 2019 mixtape Hi This Is Flume is no exception, but with this release comes an even more overt focus on hip hop, and with a more dystopian grit to the sound than ever before.



He’s worked with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Billie Eilish and turned in official remixes for Waka Flocka Flame and Grammy-winning dancehall artist Sean Paul. Perto might be the youngest on the squad but his hip-hop to pop crossover credentials are indisputable.



Deep into the Trap end of the pool is our favourite bad boy, Badrapper. Often on the bleeding edge of bass and trap, while sometimes also dabbling in more pure hip hop forms – Badrapper’s following continues to grow along with his insane catalogue of experimental trap weapons.


Point Clare


The alias Point Clare might be more associated with up tempo bass sounds, but our former student is no newbie when it comes to hip hop leaning productions. His “B-Sides” soundcloud is filled with some of his best work – with crunched up drums and star gazing melodies and a liberal dose of field recordings for atmosphere. Dreamy vibes all round!



Drawing a line between LA’s underground beat scene and Australia is Melbourne based producer Dizz1. Considered an integral part of the LA scene, Dizz1 has turned his focus lately towards home. His latest collaboration with DRMNGNOW is the single “Never Defeated”. Dizz1 handles production on the tune that shines a bright light on colonial Australia and the issues facing Indigenous Australians today.



From one of our more mysterious students, Nelas – with very little social media presence to speak of, the track Ski has a mysterious atmosphere to match. Haunting chimes floating over thick 808s, mixed with lapping waves and distorted voices give Ski an atmosphere like beach holiday taking a late night psychedelic turn.


Divine Drones

Divine Drones are a trio putting their spin on polished hip hop sounds, with high sheen production, conscious lyrics and well-tuned vocal production over dreamy instrumentals. Their recent track Medicate shows them at their best, with uplifting tones playing off against a melancholic atmosphere.