Ahead of his presentation at our INPUT event on Saturday 29th November at FBi Social, we caught up with Jensen Interceptor (Motorik / BoysNoize Rec) for a quick Q&A.

Don’t miss his talk on 29th where he’ll be taking the audience through how to get your music to the right record labels at the right time, as well as getting under the hood of his most recent track “Escape From the Underworld”, an exclusive on DJEdjotronic’s Interstate 101 compilation out now through BoysNoize Records. INPUT tickets, lineup & more details here.

Take a listen to Jensen Interceptor’s recent EP on BoysNoize Records as you read on:

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What’s been keeping you busy lately?

Working on my own label (INTL.C) & writing new tracks as always.


What’s your creative space like – and how important is your physical environment when producing?

I have a studio space in Kings Cross near Liveschool. For me, I really have to have a separate space away from home – even though I still do a lot of work from home – I find having a separated space motivates me to get more work done.


Jensen Interceptor’s studio

What do you start with when writing a song?

Its different every time, sometimes I start making a beat in Maschine – other times I come in, turn on the synths and start that way.


If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice at the point when you started getting more serious with your music-making, what would it be?

To be more patient with my aesthetic and to spend more time exploring sounds and studying the history of the genres I like.

I really feel I have only just discovered my sound – or the sounds I want to make. I think this is probably the most important thing for all producers especially producers who are just starting out. If there is an artist that has inspired you, don’t try and recreate what they have already made, go back and find out what it was that inspired them in the first place and so on and so forth.


Recall for us about a moment or event that felt like a turning point for your success as an artist.

It’s hard to say that there’s been a specific turning point because each release I’ve done has had the same amount of impact each time. The music I make is very underground, so I don’t feel like there has been one release that has particularly given me that turning point feeling – which is totally ok – I make music for myself not for the aria charts.


You’ve released a tonne of tracks this year – how do you know when a track is finished? Do you test it in a club, send it to peers, toss a coin or….?

Its actually all those things. I have a few people that I send my tracks to who give me reliably honest feedback and tell me “Yes that is finished, don’t add anything else” or “ That one isn’t quite there yet, needs more work with the groove or needs another element sound-wise”.

Also testing tracks in the club is really great because you hear frequencies that you don’t pick up in your studio or headphones.

Jensen Interceptor will be speaking alongside Mike Huckaby (Detroit), Moon Holiday (Future Classic) & Philipp Lange (Ableton’s sound team, Berlin) at INPUT: Ableton Music Production Masterclass, Sat 29 Nov @ FBi Social, Tickets $55.

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