Catherine Kelleher has been around the music scene for a while. From a start in scrappy punk bands, to moving up as a singer/songwriter under the name Catcall, and culminating in her iconic 2012 album The Warmest Place.

That album was everywhere on the Australian airwaves that year, and perennial hits “Satellites” and “August” still on regular rotation to this day. In the intervening years, Catherine shifted her creative focus to film-making and a career in TV, and while the music urge never went away she found the roadblock was having to be reliant on others to get things done.

Recordings, rehearsals, production, beats and instrumentals – as a singer/songwriter these other elements need to come from somewhere. So earlier this year, frustrated by the constant hurdles of getting others to do things or deliver on their promises or live up to their own hype, she took matters into her own hands.

Catcall’s first self-produced track “One Desire”:

For the control to take a song all the way from concept to finished product, Catherine enrolled in Liveschool’s Produce Music course, starting in September. Just 3 months into the course her first self-produced song “One Desire” has just been released, and it’s a stunning result.


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My new Catcall song ‘One Desire’ is out today. It feels really wonderful to put something out again. My creative life these days involves working on scripts that will probably never get made. Not that they won’t one day but the experience of putting those stories out in the world could be years away. On a whim I decided to go to Liveschool this year. I was always really shy about trying to produce, and just considered myself a topline writer. I didn’t have the confidence to try and make beats. So off I went and literally made this song as an assignment for class. It just came together in one of those ways and I thought what the hell, I’m just gonna put the fucker out. Now I have some momentum, I’m really excited to keep putting new music out. Thanks so much to @richsanfordmusic for helping with the vocals and mixing. Good lord this is a very earnest of a social media post for me! Enjoy the song (link in bio) I’m going to put out an EP in 2020 called “Yearning”. Excited xx

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Prompted by her first school submission deadline, and given her pre-existing skills as a songwriter, this fully-realised song came together in just a few days. With another 9 months remaining in the course, this is a space to watch for sure!