In this presentation filmed at INPUT in November 2014, Tom Cosm takes a live audience through his latest techniques and self created Max for Live devices, which open up new and innovative ways to use dummy clips for live performance in Ableton Live.

For anyone who’s ever built their live show in Ableton Live, you’re probably familiar with having a screen overflowing with clips and so much to remember and control that your set begins to feel overwhelming pretty quickly. Tom’s clever workflows with dummy clips can help you simplify your set – meaning on-stage you can focus more on the performance, less on the programming – as well as bringing new advanced functions and capabilities to your live show.

Tom Cosm video tutorial and free downloads

Below you will find:

  • Tom Cosm’s live video tutorial at INPUT explaining his Advanced Dummy Clips methods and device
  • Live video Q&A with Tom Cosm by Adam Maggs (the first video will auto-play into the next)
  • Downloads for the free Max For Live device and the Tom Cosm Megaset 2.0



Tom Cosm barely needs an introduction in most circles, but for the uninitiated Tom is a prolific electronic music producer, Ableton Certified Trainer, performer and teacher from New Zealand who’s knowledge and infectious energy is almost unparalleled. Tom gives all his music away for free – yet maintains full time living as a musician, building his profile using various other fun and interesting mediums of promotion, with the main being his passion for teaching and interacting with others as he travels.

Downloads / Links

Want to put Tom’s techniques into practice? He’s made the Max For Live device freely available.

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Download the free MIDI Note to Clip Slot Trigger device, then check out pages 15 & 16 of the manual for Tom’s live performance template for Ableton Live, the “Megaset 2.0”. The Megaset is also available with membership – you can get it over here.


This presentation was filmed at INPUT – a quarterly producer’s conference for up-coming music makers to learn directly from and also engage with, a guest lineup of world renowned music producers and influential players in the music industry.

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