Our girl VNCCII has returned with another sci-fi- influenced pop tune, Astro Life. Dialling things down a notch from her previous outing Citizen AI which featured a menacing cyborg going off the rails, Astro Life shows the softer side of the singularity. Featuring VNCCII’s stellar vocals, ethereal harmonies and a focus on a grooving drum track its not hard to see why VNCCII’s profile continues to grow.

Her most recent success has seen Astro Life added to Spotify’s New Dance Beats playlist, going out to over 89,000 followers around the world. With the Astro Life’s pastel futuristic video already clocking over 13,000 views on Youtube in the first few weeks of release, VNCCII’s strong aesthetic sensibility is shining through as she continues to make leaps forward with every release.


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The future might be a bleak wasteland of murderous Cyborgs, but if the tunes are this good… who cares?