VNCCII is welcoming the singularity with “Citizen AI”, her latest sci-fi trap weapon. Laced with heavy hitting drums, neon synthscapes and pulsating bass, VNCII conjures a world in which artificial intelligence is indistinguishable from human.

“Citizen AI” introduces us to VNCII’s 3D avataar, a female cyborg who walks the line between super-hero and super-villain and a far future dystopia. The earth shattering drops and savagely distorted bass paint a vivid picture in a time in which humans have been outrun by their creations. We caught up with VNCCII for a little more insight into her cyborg creation

“In this song, I’m questioning whether she is friend or foe to humanity as in the YouTube visualiser, she has gone rogue and is no longer controlled by authoritative figures.”

Following on from her previous tracks “WASTELAND” and “SKYWLKR”, it seems the Liveschool alumn is going from strength to strength, with favourable blog coverage across the world of EDM.

“Citizen AI” sees VNCCII cementing herself as an artist with an unshakable creative vision and we cant wait to see what else is on the horizon for this exciting young artist.