The Co-Producer Sprint series brings students together for a day in the Liveschool studio to write new tracks from scratch within a single session. Students start by recording and processing Liveschool’s drum machines, synths, and instruments to make a bank of loops and samples. Then, the afternoon is spent using these sounds to make new work in a collaborative beatmaking/songwriting workshop. It’s fast, fluid music making, and it’s a lot of fun.

For this heat, producers from the Create + Destroy and Produce Music courses flew out of the gates with some next-level experimentation. The sample bank was filled with some wild synth effects, lush progressions, body percussion, and drum loops chopped and mangled into entirely new grooves. The tunes at the end of the event were exciting and unpredictable, and a real testament to the curiosity of the crew to try new things and process sounds in entirely new ways.

Stay tuned for the final mixdowns!