DJ gigs are a valuable asset for the working producer, but getting yourself out there as a DJ can be difficult at the best of times – theres a lot of noise to cut through and finding a way to stand out in the crowd is a challenge. One great way of doing this can be through events like Your Shot, a competition for upcoming DJ’s offering exposure, prizes and a chance to rip it up on stage.

Our recent graduate Gabriel Espinosa did just that, entering this years Your Shot and absolutely blitzing the competition with a high octane of mix of UK influenced sounds.

His secret weapons? Applying his production know-how to the set, and including fellow Liveschool Alumni in the mix!


What prompted you to enter the comp?

I entered to gain exposure and more connections in the scene that I love, as well as experience what it’s actually like to DJ in a club.


You did some prep of the tracks in Ableton, what specifically were you doing?

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Yeah, so to begin with I was using Ableton’s warping analysis to lock everything into one BPM as I had a strict time limit of 25 mins to play with. From there I listened and arranged the mix to get the best possible flow between tracks, then just took all of the time measures (i.e. where tracks come in and ended) and programmed it in rekordbox. Ableton really helped me visualise everything I was doing as well as let me hear my set already before i even recorded it.


You played some other Liveschool crew in the set – who’s tunes did you play?

Indeed I did, it was DJ Plead’s track “Baharat” off his latest EP “Pleats Plead”.

What do you get for winning Your Shot?

I get a slot at an international festival i.e. Snowbombing, Hideout, Crssd… based of which ever one they think suits me best as well as prizes from Your Shot’s sponsors, oh and just a year’s supply of red bull, (heart attack inbound).


Whats in the pipeline for you? Are you working on any original productions?

Then I see myself touring internationally as much as possible, a couple of releases under my belt, maybe eventually meeting Skrillex haha. And yes of course, never not working on tracks! Trying to innovate and incorporate whatever i’m inspired by or listening to at the time.


Any tips for young guns starting out who want to get their work out there – be they DJs or Producers

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out of your comfort zone, open yourself up to as many opportunities you know will have a positive benefit to your musical endeavours. And take everything you read on forums/watch on youtube with a pinch of salt. There is a lot of false info out there that might prevent you from ever experimenting or furthering your ability.