The world of music is BIG. At Liveschool we focus on electronic music production, but once you have those skills theres a whole world to explore. Recent graduate Matthew Panopoulos has turned his production skills towards a modern classical sound with his new project Lonely Ghost.

The project is a collaboration between Matthew and Daniel Berry also known as Mystical Shaman. Their new release “Ukiyo” is a collection of seven piano compositions that evoke a sense of calm – equally ideal as a soundtrack to study to, or for use in actual soundtracks – or simply to dissolve the daily grind of modern life:

The name Ukiyo references the 19th Century Japanese art movement Ukiyo-e which is usually translated as “Pictures of the floating world”. Much like the movement it references, the compositions bring to mind idyllic visions of the intersections between love, beauty, art and pleasure.

We had a chat to Matthew about the production of the album and his writing process for piano

“The whole album was recorded in my spare room using the Una Corda plugin through Ableton. I am not actually a piano player myself, but I managed to write a significant chunk of the album (‘To Caroline’ and ‘Lydia’ were written entirely by me) using Sibelius and midi editing – I have never had anybody play my piano compositions before, so it was magical to have someone bring them to life.”

Although this work is steeped in technology, it’s an entirely organic result. Ukiyo shows huge promise for these two artists and we cant wait to hear more from the Lonely Ghost project.