Linndrum powered by neve

LinnDrum Samples and Drum Rack download.

We’ve made a fresh batch of drum samples and racks to add to your Ableton Live library

It’s one part vintage drum machine
One part beautiful mixing desk, compressor and EQ
One part true analog distortion

We think you’ll love making beats with it. 

Oh yeah – and it’s optimised for use with Push so …

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Sameer Sengupta

Mixing Bass on a Budget

On the topic of gear vs “ear”, Sameer Sengupta (Liveschool trainer and Mastering Engineer at Studios 301) shared this personal tip with us on how to approach mixing bass (and in particular sub-bass) when you don’t have the world’s best speakers, or an acoustically treated environment.


A wonderful thing about music production …

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Q&A with “Producer’s Producer” – Dizz1.

Dave Norris aka Dizz1 is one of those producers who other artists geek about. Recently featured on Ableton’s blog (get that free Ableton Project download!), we hit him up for top tips for collaborating with big-name artists, being productive, and getting tracks finished.

But first, what do we mean by “producer’s producer”? …

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Liveschool input february 22nd

INPUT: A Music Producer’s Conference – February 22nd 2014

Announcing our first ‘INPUT: a Music Producer’s Conference’ of 2014, happening on the 22nd February and featuring presentations from:

TOUCH SENSITIVE (Van She, Future Classic)
OSCAR KEY SUNG (Oscar + Martin, Ghostpoet, Melo-x)
THOMAS McALISTER (Alba, Canyons)
+ guest industry speaker:
MICHAEL KUCYK (Modular Records A&R honcho and publishing guru at Mushroom)
The day will be …

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Gradually Introducing Accents

Video Tutorial: Introducing Accents to a Bass Line

In this Video Tutorial, our newly crowned Ableton Certified Trainer George Nicholas (Seekae/Cliques) takes us through a simple, effective technique for gradually introducing accents into a previously static bass line. This a subtle trick for adding movement to the arrangement of your track, such as building up from your break …

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