If you have ever cast an eye over the Liveschool blog before you will have no doubt seen us singing the individual praises of two of our favourite sons, Cop Envy and DJ Plead. Both forward thinking and extremely talented producers in their own right, what happens when they (finally) decide to collaborate? The result is Hinged, a 3-track dancefloor record with laser focus.

Hinged does what all good collaborations should do and sees these two long time friends pushing each other into new territory. The title track has Plead’s bombast and middle eastern percussive flourishes meeting Cop Envy’s penchant for warm dubbed out house.  The record is a masterclass in tense builds as it continues with skittering 808s, rave referencing atmospherics and broken kick patterns for all.

Following on from their well received solo records “Cotton” and “Pleats Plead“, Hinged is the perfect combination of two artists in peak form.