Sydney’s Body Promise have shared their third compilation, Smooth Sensation. Featuring a selection of producers from Sydney and beyond, Smooth Sensation is the final release in a series of compilations that document Australia’s diverse electronic underground. Body Promise have spent years skirting¬†the lines between their roles as radio presenters, club DJs and label owners. With Smooth Sensation their dedication to supporting local electronic music can be felt in a visceral way.

In a time where the dominant narrative seems to constantly reference the death of Sydney’s electronic music scene, the duo¬† show that while clubs might have closed there is a flourishing community of underground producers filling the void. Taking in works from members of the Liveschool community like Andy Garvey, Letabruthaknow and HED Ardennes, the compilation proves that Sydney is as passionate as ever about electronic music.

In addition to the Sydney contingent, Smooth Sensation features a diverse selection of artists from across Australia. The comp showcases glittering ambience from Fia Fell, sunshine infused dub techno from Low Flung and an updated high fidelity take on electro from Lou Karsh.

Smooth Sensation is an important document of a scene that refuses to buckle under pressure. It serves as a testament to the power of community in electronic music.