Double big news from one of our absolute favourite producers, Kucka has returned with “Drowning”, her first solo release since 2015 – and her first cut for (2nd big news drop) cult label Lucky Me.

After her self-produced first EP “Divinity” in 2015 (check the bridge section on the title track), a string of huge collaborations followed with Flume, Cosmos Midnight, and others – so the past few years have seen Kucka rise to become an in-demand collaborator in the world of electronic music. All these high profile collabs and “feats” might have given some listeners the misperception that Kucka is a singer / top-liner only – but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Vocal collaborations for other artists was purely a byproduct of inside-industry fascination with her self-produced works. “Drowning” is a return to self that reasserts her own studio production and sound-design credentials.

We’ve always been MASSIVE fans of her production aesthetic, this one raises the bar even further:

As a Liveschool course-contributor, Kucka (aka Laura Jane Lowther) features throughout our Produce Music course: workflow-wise she deftly balances experimental and pragmatic, and skill-wise she’s producer, songwriter and singer on all her tracks.

Sonically, her work is always detailed and intricate – and this holds as true on “Drowning” – but this song signals a shift from her densely lush, sometimes-R&B-inflected earlier sound towards a grittier and heavier palette. Additional production comes courtesy of kindred studio spirit and fellow Liveschool affiliate, Harley E Streten, who has a co-production credit on the track.

Here’s a little intro to Laura by drowning’s clip-producer Dillon Howl for those not yet acquainted:


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Huge day!!! Very excited to announce I’ll be releasing with @luckyme from now on worldwide and @soothsayeronline in Australia! Some of my fav artists ever are on these labels (👋 @baauer @jacquesgreene @1dro) and I couldn’t be happier to become the newest member of the family. With the short amount of time I’ve worked with these teams so far I have felt extremely supported and inspired and I know this is only going to build as we work together over time ❤️ feels like a new beginning and I’m so ready to ride this wave 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️ Here is a little vid made by @dillonhowl to celebrate and for those of you who aren’t familiar with my stuff! Hope everyone has a beautiful day ✌️✌️✌️

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And here’s a behind-the-scenes video of making the clip, both produced by Kucka’s close collaborator Dillon Howl: